Thought Dust

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Probable Impossibilities

     Cody's friend, Gen, thinks she spotted Bigfoot living in the woods. The whole school hears about it, and they aren't going to let them live it down. 
     When Cody and Gen get caught passing notes in class, everyone gets stuck with an extra assignment. Cody's dad tries to help him by sharing his password to an experimental program, EGOR. The program works great for the assignment. But then a blogger, named George Roge, appears on the Internet. 
     George believes in Bigfoot. In fact, he's tracking the creature down, and the search is getting close to where Cody lives. Too close. 
     Everyone is talking about George, even the teachers. Reporters and groups of Bigfoot hunters are swarming the town. Cody wants to avoid any more attention, but Gen insists on going back into the woods to rescue Bigfoot.