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Thought Dust

Worlds Within

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     Things don't go well for Toby after he moves in with his grandmother and starts school in a new town.

     After an encounter in the school cafeteria, he finds himself waiting in the principal's office. While there he discovers a book that lets him travel back and forth to anther world where he makes new friends. Toby soon finds that his new friends are also having problems, and he has to decide how to help them.

     At home, Toby is still adjusting to his wacky grandmother. She drives a customized VW, collects cat figurines, and sends him to Alice's Food Emporium to pick up exotic foods.

     Then Toby discovers he's not the only one who knows about the book. He is chased by bullies, has more meetings with the principal, and is being watched by a mysterious librarian. Can Toby help his new friends and keep the book from falling into the wrong hands?